The great idea came from Bob, one of my friend from UK now working in Australia, one day when we were chatting on the facebook about his picnic on the weekend. He suggested that I could have a picnic with my friends here. Not having had a picnic for a long time, not being good at cooking, I didn't know what to cook or how to prepare for that. When I told Nga, my classmate from Vietnam, about the crazy idea, she was excited and told me not to worry about the food coz she could make Vietnamese food for us. After having decided to have a picnic, we kept finding a suitable day, but sometimes we were too busy and sometimes it was too cold. Finally it's getting warmer recently and we decieded today would be the day!

   There were five girls having picnic in the most famous compus in NCKU. There were some banyans in the grasslands. Nga called the biggest banyan "the Famous Tree" and we all like it a lot. Nga and Xuxu, the girls from Vietnam, made four dishes for us. Bai Shan made some biscuits and I brought the egg tarts I made and three kinds of drink my mom made. Shao brought her nice camera to take photos for us. :D I was my first time to have original Vietnamese food made by Vietnamese girls. The sauce they made was outstanding! It was sour coz they added come lemon in it and the food became fantastic with the sauce. Tasting too delicious, the food made me wanna visit Vietnam someday. Nga told us that the food there was much cheaper than that in Taiwan. So I thought it was the time to start saving money for the plane ticket!! :p 

   We all enjoyed having Vietnamese food very much and after that we were too full to eat the biscuits and the egg tasts. Therefore, we sat on the grasslands and talked. There were some children playing the ball and running around, while some old men were exercising there. I told them that my parents took me here as I was a child and I enjoyed running and playing with the ducks near the lake. Nga joked on me that maybe we would come here to exercise when getting old. Yes, I would like to stay in touch with you and come here again with you in the future! I'm lucky enough to know such good friends like you♥ I almost forget that we come from different countries coz we often chat, eat, and share some sotories together. :D Nga will stay in Taiwan while Xuxu will go back to Vietnam after graduation. It's hard for us to get together in the future and I will definitely miss you!!!!! 

   Today was certainly a wonderful day to have a picnic coz it was sunny and warm. Sitting on tha grasslands, I felt I'm the luckiest girl to study in such a beautiful university, to live in the sunny city and to meet so many cute girls here. I will remember the leisure day that we ate, laughed, and chatted together. :") 

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