I saw the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" a couple of days ago and I like it very much. It's a story about a divorced woman Liz who traveled herself to find the meaning of life. Liz couldn't put up with her ex-husband because they had different perspectives and she decided to leave. Her first trip was in Rome. Meeting some new friends there, Liz ate a lot to enjoy life. Then she went to India. Eager to find her god, Liz wanted to spend some time on meditation like the people there did but it was hard for her at first. Besides, She felt guilty about divorcing with her ex-husband. Not until meeting Richard did she started to change. Richard shared his heartbreaking story about the leaving of his wife and child because of a drunk father he has used to be and told her that she needed to forgive herself first. What she has gone through was really terrible but time would pass. After cleaning out all the space in her mind, Liz continued her journey to Bali. There she met a good man but she was too afraid to love. It was not difficult to understand that because Liz finally forgave herself for leaving her ex-husband and started feeling good on her own. Now Felipe, the man she may love appeared and she would need to find the new balance of life if they were in a relationship. At the end, Liz conquered the fear and went on a love trip with Felipe.

  I prefer the movie is called "Eat, Pray, Love" instead of its translation in Chinese "Enjoy! A Trip for Youself" because Liz EAT in Rome, PRAY in India, and LOVE in Bali. :D Eating is a good way to make people happy and to forget the unhappy things. But after that, we still need to face the problems; or more specifically, we need to face ourselves and how we feel. So Liz went to India to hear the voice in her mind via meditation. After praying there, Liz refreshed herself and went on the next jounery which was the one that she became brave enough to love.

  Yes there are dilemmas in life. We love challenges when being young, but while getting older we want the life that's more stable. We do need to find the balance between family and trip after getting married. But don't forget, like what an old woman said in this movie, "Everything falls apart. The only thing permanent in life is family." I don't think there is a specific answer that we should choose to get married or not; instead, it depends on one's perspectives of life.


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