It was a beautiful Friday morning coz I don't need to wake up early for the experiment. Having woken early for a week, I wanna stay inside my bedquilt this morning.

  Waking up sluggishly, I walked downstairs for breakfast. I like to make breakfast myself leisurely when I don't need to hurry to school. Today was definitely a perfect day for doing this so I started thinking what to make. Toast and eggs home, I wanna make French toast! I cracked and whipt the eggs in the bowl and then poured it into a plate where the toast was soaked in.  After panned in a few minutes, the French toast was ready to be eaten. :p It was yummy to have French toast with some condensed milk. I found out cracking two eggs for making my breakfast was too many after I panned three pieces of toast. So I used the rest egg to make omelet! I've eaten omelet many times in some brunch restaurants before but I've never made it myself. I panned with small fire and after a few minutes I put the cheese on the egg, then I rolled up the egg. Surprisingly, it was a successful omelet. :D

  It was great to have breakfast made myself in the beautiful Friday morning. Having worked hard for a week, I'm ready for the coming of the happy weekend!

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