This is an unusual Sunday night for our family coz my sister, Chen and my brother, Hsuan stay home tonight. Usually they left to Kaohsiung on Sunday afternoon so that I would feel a little lonely at night. However, this week is out of ordinary since they won't have class tomorrow morning. It's great to have an extra dinner with Chen and Hsuan. Mom suggested to go to a famous restaurant that sells goose. It has been a long time since we last ate at the restaurant so we all agreed to have dinner there; while Daddy had a better idea! He wanted to make pork for us. Attracted by the pork too much, we gave up eating at the goose restaurant. 

  On the table were yummy pork with onion and black pepper sauce, poached eggs, spaghetti, and radish soup. I knew the black pepper sauce was made by mom coz she's good at making sauces and the favor was familiar, a little spicy but not too spicy, a little salty but not too salty. The pork made by daddy was awesome! It was thicker than ordinary but soft in the middle. We were eating and talking happily at table. I shared something insteresting happened in the lab this week and Chen told us her plans at the end of this semester. Hsuan was anxious about his exams for calculus and general physics on Wednesday, and we encouraged him a lot. "Ask Sabrina!" Chen always says that. I enjoy talking to Chen and Hsuan coz they always make me laugh. And I like to talk to mom and dad since they give good suggestions. It's always joyful to have dinner with my dear family . :")

  This dinner was not only delicious but also sweet for us coz it was made by mom and dad. Besides, it made us get together to eat, chat and laugh. This Sunday was no longer a desolate one; instead, it was a delightful night with my family.



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