I've prepared for the presentation since last week coz I will give a talk in our group meeting tomorrow. Although the paper I will present seemed very difficult at the very start when I saw it, it became friendly after I spent some time reading and discussing with my colleagues. I always enjoys discussing with others coz sometimes it's lonely to study myself while it becomes better if others can give some opinions or ideas about my questions.

  Last week after finishing reading the paper, I had many questions in my mind. I looked them up in some books and I got something from that but there were still some doubts that couldn't be solved. As usual, I asked my colleagues if they had some ideas about my questions. We discussed for a long time while I still couldn't understand. But it was a useful discussion coz my colleagues told me where to look for the information that I didn't understand. After that, I collected a lot of meterials from the internet and deliberated upon this paper again and again.  I seemed to get something from that. I think learning is just like this. Sometimes you can't find the answers at the moment. But you learn a little this time and learn a little that time. You learn lots of "a little" and it become "more" finally so that you learn a lot.

  Today I finished doing the ppt for my presentation and I discussed with my colleague again. It was so exciting that I solved almost all the questions for the paper in my mind at the end! There are a lot of information in the papers, in the books and on the internet. Before giving a talk, we need to collect information and put them in order. Besides, we need to think think up some ways to let the listener learn from your talk as soon as possible. I'm glad that I do my best to prepare for the presentation and I hope it will be a good talk tomorrow. :D





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  • Jen
  • one of my fav quotes says "in youth we learned, in age we understood. " i think learning should be a long-term process. if you keep learning, eventually all the knowledge will be connected and that's when you get new ideas or figure out the problem that has been haunting you for a long time. and good luck for the presentation tmrw! break a leg!! :D