I love Friday very much coz my dear sister, Chen, will come home. We always have a lot to talk and become very noisy when talking. (My mom said that's probably because there are six mouths in my sister's name 語 and three mouths in my name 品. hahaha!) Chen studies in industrial design department in Kaohsiung. Although her major is very different from mine, I enjoy admiring her works and listening to some interesting teaching methods in their department. Their professors are not like ours who always stand on the platform teaching; instead, they will tell the students the projects needed to do in this semester and a general direction about their works, and then, there may be no classes except for some discussion, midtern display and final display.

  I always remember a funny story Chen told me. In one of their classes, the professor, Ms. Cheng, asked them to choose a concrete object and they need to draw by using different ways including using different materials. In the beginning, prof. Cheng wanted them to sketch the object with different time, one hour for a sketch first, then 30 minutes for one, then 10 minutes, then 5, then 1, then 30 seconds, and finally 10 seconds for one sketch! After they finished all the sketches, prof. Cheng would choose her favorite one from the 7 sketches for each student. Chen wasn't good at sketching coz when young, she just drew for fun instead of getting serious training. So she didn't think she would do well on those sketckes. After seeing the 7 works sketched by Chen, prof. Cheng chose the one Chen has spent 10 seconds drawing. Chen joked on herself that the sketch couldn't be better even it stayed in her hands longer. 

  Although not being the top student in her class, Chen loves what she has learned very much and does her best for the works. And for me, as her good sister, I always encourage her and give her some advice. I do enjoy the time we are talkative. :D


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