There was a restaurant opened recently near NCKU. Its name "Shark Bites Toast" as well as its yellow shop sign impressed me a lot when I first saw that. I kept wondering if there was any relation between sharks and toasts(???). I knew there was a restaurant called "Cat Toast" near and there were some cats in the restaurant so it got the name. Besides, many girls love cats and love to talk so that the restaurant owner may use the name and offer a good place to attract more customers.  However, there could't be any sharks in "Shark Bites Toast" and seldom are people shark lovers. Why was it called "Shark Bites Toast"?

  To find out the answer, I suggested to visit this restaurant when my friend, Shao, asked me to hang out for dinner. We were so lucky that no one was waiting when we arrived while right after we sat down, the restaurant became crowded and crowded. It took us a long time to decide what to eat coz there were so many choices, a least five kinds of waffles and ten types of toasts. I've fallen in love with waffles recently so I wanted to order one at all costs. Besides, Shao and I agreed to order a toast coz the clerk recommended it for its huge size. (Another reason is: Eating in a restaurant named after "toast" without really eating a toast sounds ridiculous :p) After a long discussion, we finally decided to order a strawberry waffle and a toast with omelet in pesto sauce.

  If eating was an important part that day, then talking was a much much more significant purpose for us. We did talk a lot while waiting! Shao was my good friend as well as college classmate. Having been an intern for one year after graduation, she is in the first year for MSc degree. Both studying in Tainan, we enjoy hanging out when I'm not busy for experiment and Shao doesn't need to prepare for the coming exams.

  While Shao took some pictures for me and the food, I was thinking that "Girls bite toast" would be a great name for those pictures. Besides, many girls love to spend time in a nice afternoon tea reseaurant talking so maybe "Girls bite toast" would also be a good name for the restaurant :p The toast was really huge and it was hard to bite. I love the strawberry waffle coz there were ice cream on it. We did have a good time eating. When finishing having the toast, I was excited coz I found out the answer!!! It was called "Shark Bites Toast" coz the toast was so huge that you need to open you month as large as a shark does to eat that! How creative the name was! 





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