I went to my favorite cafe with Jen (my dear dear twin sister:D) this morning coz I need to concentrate on preparing my presentation next Monday. I cannot do that in the lab coz there are so many people who made there too crowded and noisy. Before going there, I felt a little upset since there was some trouble with my experiments. But I became happy right after seeing Jen!!!

  Eating a nice brunch, we talked a lot about what had happened recently. Jen always understands what I'm thinking. I am very lucky to have such a good friend! (maybe "good" is not enough to describe how good we are. what if "close friends"? hahaha) Both having optimistic attitude, we don't feel sad or disappointed easily. Instead, we work hard to be good, better and the best! We don't understand why some people complain about life rather than changing their attitude. You can choose to have a happy day or a gloomy day. (Of course Jen and I would choose the former :D) Sometimes it will become better if you are happier. :") Therefore, when I had lots of tasks, I prefered to try my best to finish them rather than being sad. When I had some trouble with my experiments, I would do something else first to prevent me from being vexed and then I would think up some solution for that. I know Jen feels almost the same with me! 

  Both enjoying staying in a nice cafe, we talk, work, study, read and surf the internet together. I wanna regard Bridge, our favorite cafe, as out secret place. Everytime being happy, being sad, wanting to concentrate on doing something, wanting to see each other or wanting to share stories, we come here. Quiet and secret, for Jen and Sabrina :D


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