Last Thursday when I went to English chat room,

there were six people but NO ONE was talking.XDDD


There were Kevin Ma using his laptop, (what's wrong with him? he is usually talkative XD)

Vicky doing nothing,

Cate also using the computer (to watch the vedio?),

a male tutor (I forgot his name only know that he's also from Tainan XD) studying,

and two girls from English department also doing nothing.


How strange!

A CHAT room without chatting!


I later knew that I was their first "customer",XD

so I called Javer Potter (I prefer to call you Potter instead of Javer~XDDD) to come.


We talked a lot and laughed a lot.

Vicky and Cate were so funny haha~

Kevin said he would be silent (since he was solving the equation his DEAR Lui asked him to).

But actually, as you know, he wasn't silent...XD


This was my first time to English chat room that no one was talking.

This also was the first semester that I'm so familiar with those tutors in the chat room.XD


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  • ee
  • 我以為你是發出某種怪物的聲音XD

    superenjoy 於 2011/03/29 21:22 回覆

  • kawaiiwawa
  • this's so weird that i type in English...XD
  • you are so strange hahaha~

    superenjoy 於 2011/04/10 09:06 回覆